Tekashi 6ix9ine found himself on the wrong side of Rap-A-Lot's J Prince Jr. when the rainbow-haired rapper decided to pull up at a party. J Prince Jr. hosted a get-together in Houston for his birthday and 6ix9ine pulled up with his posse uninvited. The "GUMMO" rapper was stopped at the door and told that he wasn't welcome, reportedly because it was during a time when 6ix9ine was at odds with multiple people in the industry and on the streets and no one wanted to be caught in his crossfire.

J Prince Jr. shared a video of the moment when 6ix9ine was being escorted out of the area, but DJ Akademiks later reported that Tekashi's team called foul on claims that the rapper was kicked out. "Although I might not condone in a bunch of the moves you’ve made, I don’t know u and I know that your young and new to this so u have a lot of learning to do," J Prince Jr. wrote in the caption of his video clip. "So with that being said, I’m still willing to sit down and have a conversation with u but not for one second do u get it misunderstood that u can get away with the disrespect in my city the way you’ve shown in others. We won’t tolerate it. Make your next move your best move!"

It's been over a year since the hoopla went down, and J Prince Jr. addressed it with the press for the first time during an interview with No Jumper's Adam22. "I had to put a kid in his place," he said. "And as you see, once I addressed the situation, I said nothing more about it because I'm not no lip boxer. I'm not gon' go on social media and back and forth with you. Imma check your temperature. And, you know, respect can be shown in a bunch of different fashions. He showed me respect when he come to the Worldstar show. That was respect whether he want to say it or not or the world want to say it or not. It was respect. He [respected] the power. So, I seen he respected me and I never spoke up on it again."