J Hus, who experienced a meteoric rise to the top of the charts in his native UK, recently stopped by BBC Radio 1 to partake in an interview, as well as perform some music. A hallmark of any BBC Radio 1 appearance is when the highlighted artist gets to perform a cover of a contemporary single making waves in the music industry. Rather than choosing from the current roster of hits making an impact on the charts, Hus decided to go as far back as 2003 for his choice selection.

The "Did You See" rapper decided to cover the 50 Cent single "21 Questions," which at the time, climbed all the way to the top position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, while reaching number six on the UK Singles Chart. Hus has admired 50, especially his debut album Get Rich or Die Trying, and has been vocal about its influence in forming his oeuvre and appreciation for hip-hop. 

It only seems fitting then that the rapper chose to pay homage to a formative element of his musicianship by performing "21 Questions" while reminding listeners of this zeitgeist-dominant time in 50 Cent's career. 

The rapper puts a particularly dancehall spin on the track with Hus' island-tinged vocals, and invites a female singer to perform Nate Dogg's hook. Peep the performance below: