The verdict is in and after two games, it doesn't look like the masses are on board for J. Cole's professional basketball career overseas. People have excitedly tuned in to watch the North Carolina-repping rapper's first few games as part of the Patriots in Rwanda but those same folks have been pretty vocal about it online. Having just released his new album The Off-Season, of which one song just debuted in the Billboard Hot 100's Top Ten, the hype has been real regarding Cole's basketball debut. But after a few uneventful games off the bench, the slander has begun on social media with people urging the rapper not to quit his day job.

Despite getting a solid block at the beginning of his most recent game, J. Cole ended the matchup with zero points, zero assists, one rebound, one steal, and one block. The subpar stat line hasn't impressed the trolls on Twitter, who have been having fun with Cole's existing highlight reel, sharing videos of him air-balling two three-pointers during the game.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

"Aye man, at least J. Cole can rap," tweeted a Dreamville fan page, earning over two thousand retweets. It be ya own, sometimes. "Please never stop making music J. Cole," said another fan, seemingly joking about the rapper's performance on the basketball court.

At this stage in his basketball career, Cole likely has some jitters about finally fulfilling his dreams and playing professional ball. We'll keep you updated on how his next few games go. For now, check out what people have been saying below.