Every now and then you'll be going about your day, minding your business, when the thought strikes you: "Where in the world is Isaiah Rashad?" It's a rhetorical question, really, because Isaiah Rashad lays low. While social media allows fans to keep tabs on their favorite artists, Rashad operates off the grid. Honestly, this arrangement is probably better for both him and the fans. Whenever new music from him arrives, the anticipation will be at a peak after having fully digested 2016's The Sun's Tirade

Aside from a few stray tweets, the TDE rapper isn't very active on social media. Therefore, not much is known about his forthcoming sophomore project, The House Is Burning. He announced this title on IG Live last year, but there's a chance Rashad has changed his mind in the interim. Every now and then, he will tease unreleased music. On Monday night (Mar. 9), he went on Live from the studio and previewed a track that had his whole crew bopping. "Told her, bitch, eat it like Doja Cat" is one bar that jumps out from the mellow joint. Some songs off The House Is Burning were also played at Reason's listening party about a week ago. 


While TDE keeps their roster's release rotation a secret, it would make sense if Rashad was next at bat. However, he isn't inspiring much confidence in this likelihood. When a fan asked him on Twitter to at least drop a single, he replied, "picking it soon or something... emphasis on the something."