Young Thug is a rapper who is in the middle of a hectic release schedule, at least for the rest of 2017 and conceivably into the first few months of 2018 as well. Emerging from the shadows of his critically-acclaimed LP Jeffrey to bring us this summer's Beautiful Thugger Girls, the Drake-executive produced release showed the Atlanta rapper's willingness to take his music in a more experimental direction. The country-style twang may not have been in every fan's lane, but it's not even close to the last impression he'll be leaving listeners with as we close out the year in music. He's already dropped another EP titled Young Martha and there has been buzz about his upcoming project, Barter 7, which is supposedly in the works as well. Now, as if his studio life wasn't busy enough, Thugger may have hinted at a new mixtape that could be on the horizon for him and some of his well-known collaborators.

Last night, the rapper's in-house producer London On Da Track went on Twitter and sent out a simple message that read "Slime Season 4." This is of course in reference to Young Thug's beloved Slime tape series, with Season 3 released back in March of 2016. Clearly, London thinks the world is in need of the next chapter and, as it turns out, Thugger retweeted the message, causing fans to speculate that not only were the two hip-hop entities on the same page, but that work on the tape was already in progress. That tweet, which saw London checking in from the ATL (coincidence?), was actually preceded by another one from TM88, who also gave the rapper a shout-out and said that he should be definitely be hitting us with a Slime Season 4 at some point in the near future.

Fans who peeped these two tweets were ecstatic at the possibility of this new entry in Thugger's line of popular mixtapes coming to fruition, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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