Murder Inc. head honcho Irv Gotti is sharing his thought about this generation of music makers, and he has quite a bit to say. Irv has never failed when delivering commentary about hip hop culture, especially since he helped lead one of the greatest music movements with his label as he promoted artists like Ashanti and Ja Rule. During his interview with The Breakfast Club earlier this week, Irv Gotti talked about artists making monumental, "impactful" albums, and while Drake is largely celebrated throughout the music industry, Irv says the only artist that has been able to make something that has caught his attention is Travis Scott.

Irv Gotti, Drake, Travis Scott, The Breakfast Club
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

"You don't see or hear from the young generation albums, impactful albums," Irv Gotti said. "You feel impactful singles. Listen, Imma even say Drake, who I love. Drizzy, I love you, you know I love you, you know what I am saying? You know, 'Murder Inc. like my n*gga Irv,' that's me. Aye, I love you, I love your music, but would you say Drizzy has delivered an album to that stature? Which I know he can, but I don't know if he collectively put that energy and said, 'I'm gonna deliver a masterpiece.' Does Drizzy have a masterpiece?"

"The only artist that I give it to, really, is Travis Scott," Irv added. " That last album, that Brian McKnight or whatever, when I put that album in I was like, 'Yo, who is this guy?' When I heard he produces and everything I was like, 'He's incredible.' You know what I'm saying? I feel like he's the only artist that's a young generational artist where I feel he put so much thought and energy into production. Most of these artists guys, they get a beat off the internet, it's a two mix. Envy, they don't even mix it. They take the two mix, drop a vocal, and put it out." Check out Irv's interview with The Breakfast Club below and let us know what you think about his remarks on Drake and Travis Scott.