Irv Gotti is not about to let his name be dragged through the mud. He claims to have a spot-clean relationship with BMF, including the co-founders Big Meech and Southwest T. 50 Cent has suggested that Irv Gotti owes them money, but the Murder Inc. boss says that's a lie.

"Everyone. Please stop Entertaining Clowns. I do not have any time and energy to Entertain clowns. Irv Gotti does not owe anyone a Penny," said Irv Gotti on Twitter. "Happy to hear T is home. Hoping my n***a Meech comes home as well. Stop with the NONSENSE."

He continued on Instagram, going all the way OFF on 50 Cent.

"If y’all don’t know by now that homie is a clown and on my dick and will say or do anything for attention," he said about Fiddy. "I do not owe T or any man a penny. That’s not who I am. Me and T are cool. Let T say I owe him a penny or he gave me money. That will never happen. Because. Me. Irv Gotti never took 1 penny from him. I have always been super cool with my BMF n***as. That goes for T. And it definitely goes for MEECH. With whom I had a closer relationship with. Nothing but Love and Respect. So until you hear T say something. Stop with the clown shit with the clown."

50 Cent seemingly doesn't care about Irv's claims. He loaded another clip this morning, telling the rap executive that's today is the day he needs to pay up.