Easily the most popular social media platform going is working on ways to make its users enjoy its service more. According to Uproxx, Instagram is testing a tool that will make public accounts be able to remove followers. Of course, the current way to maintain who gets to see your feed is making your page private, but Instagram doesn't want you to have to take those measures. 

The possible update will give you the ability to simply remove someone from your follower's list without letting them know. It's especially helpful for big-time celebrities who have numerous trolls since the removal of a follower will stop them from being able to comment on photos. Also, once removed from someone's follow list you know longer have the ability to simply follow them again. 

Although the update seems interesting to say the least, there seems to be some questions that need to be answered and figured out. If a user is dealing with a serious stalker or lots of inappropriate comments, they may benefit from going private but if there's just one person who's not playing fair the new update will suffice.