Through sheer grit and determination, Mane has proven his reputation as one of the hardest working rappers in the game, time and time again - boasting both a personal evolution and a developed lyricism far removed from his early Trap House days.

From Inmate 65556-019 in the federal prison system to an artist hungry to recoup time he's lost to the Pen, the new Radric Davis emerged from his possession of a firearm by a felon-fueled sentence eager to reclaim his spot in the hip-hop hierarchy. Churning out multiple side projects and the studio productions of Everybody Looking, The Return of East Atlanta Santa, Mr. Davis and El Gato: The Human Glacier under his new deal with Atlantic Records following his May 26, 2016 release date from prison, Gucci proved that the newfound dedication to his craft would not be squandered once he became a free man once again. 

"A lot of my strategy has been desperation," Gucci revealed to author Malcolm Gladwell about his determination to stay productive while incarcerated. "I'm looking at it like, 'I'm in prison; every song that I got on my computer, release it. Feed it to the people because I can't physically be there.' I gotta stay relevant, I can't lose, I can't get outta here and be the laughing stock. That pride keeps me creative."

With a best-selling autobiography, a physique so transformed that some critics questioned whether or not the rapper had been replaced by an Illuminati clone and a shiny new marriage to Keyshia Ka’oir, it's no surprise that Gucci can't seem to stop flexing his billion-dollar smile for the 'Gram. 


Shortly after his release from prison, Mr. Zone 6 dropped the commercial mixtape Woptober. Similar to the tried-and-true OG Gucci aesthetic praised by his flagship work with dark, slinking bass,-heavy beats, the praise surrounding the release gave Gucci a reason to hop on the 'Gram and flash his pearly whites. 


From Mike WiLL Made It, Zaytoven, and Metro Boomin to Young Thug and Migos, Gucci Mane is never afraid to throw the weight of his name behind a hitmaker that he truly believes in. A strong supporter of the Migos since their early ATL days, it's no surprise that Gucci is nothing but smiles when posing with Quavo for a pic. 


Captioning this pic, "We came out the jail and went straight to the top," Gucci drops a nod to his and Offset's shared experiences within the federal prison system. Judging by their shared success, however, it's clear that their time spent locked up made them both impervious to catching L's when considering their recent career trajectories.  

Mr. Davis

Flashing that #MrDavis smile, Gucci proudly promoted the October 13 drop of his eponymous album just four days before he was set to marry his longtime girlfriend Keyshia Ka’oir.  


While posted up at an Atlanta Hawks game, Gucci got down on one knee to pop the question to Keyshia Ka'oir-- the weight of his loaded question offset by the massive rock in his hand. Captioning the post, "She said yessssss!!!!!!!" Guwop shared a backstage image of their post-engagement bliss. 


Gucci Mane couldn't help but stop and cheese for the camera on the night before he was set to wed longtime love Keyshia Ka'oir. Dressed in an all red matching ensemble, Gucci and Ka'oir practiced the steps for their next-day nuptials. 

The Mane Event 

With nothing but love in his eyes, Gucci couldn't keep himself from smiling while looking down at his new bride. With lavish decorations, A-list attendees and a television crew to record every moment of the big day, Gucci's wedding quickly proved to be anything but ordinary.

Shine Bright

With his trademark ice cream cone chain around his neck, Gucci paused to remind his followers to "shine bright," harnessing the same energy of his mega-watt smile.  

Be Happy

Flashing his set of accessories worth millions, Gucci reminded his followers that they were worthy of finding their own happiness. "Be Happy You Deserve It!" he wrote, no longer afraid of tarnishing his image with sincerity and positivity.

El Gato 

Can anyone really disagree with Gucci's claim that El Gato is a genius? Judging by the success of his latest album, critics certainly can't--nearly unanimously determining that the rapper is now at the top of his game.