Diddy has a lot to celebrate this year, point blank. The producer turned businessman, turned media mogul, turned alcohol entrepreneur and now documentary filmmaker is cashing in on every aspect of his ever-expanding Bad Boy empire. Between the successful launch of Ciroc Vodka's new French Vanilla flavour, his partnership with Deleon Tequila and his No. 1 spot appearance on the Forbe's list of Highest Paid Hip Hop Artists of 2017, Diddy raked in $130 Million dollars in 2017 alone.

Diddy has a conglomerate that is really rivalled by no one right now and that is exceptional considering he built it from the ground up. From his humble beginnings as a Talent Director for Uptown Records, just ahead of the launch of his record label Bad Boy Records in 1993, Diddy has been able to amass a wealth worth $820 million.

And as if his road to becoming the first hip-hop billionaire wasn't entertaining enough, Diddy continues to show us how to live life to the fullest at every moment. Whether he is lounging on the stairs of the Met Gala in a cape, showing us the image of Black Excellence via the Roc Nation Brunch, or just Diddy Boppin' all over our Instagram feed, Diddy keeps us motivated. There is a visceral and inspiring sort of aura to Diddy's Instagram feed, one that undoubtedly does spark the notions of, "How did he do it," coupled with, "How can I do it?" His Instagram is without a doubt a living and breathing self-help platform.

His videos are like pulling up a Ted Talk, if that Ted Talk was administered by a braggadocious, charismatic Bronx native. Nonetheless, with the year he has had, Diddy deserves it. And both in honour and celebration of his historic success, we grabbed some of the most monumentally motivational moments from Diddy's feed and rounded them up in hopes of giving you a boost to finish 2017 off strong.

You'll either up and start your own business or walk away with a new sense of opportunity and self after viewing this gallery, either way, it is definitely worth your time because no Instagram gallery is like a Bad Boy Instagram Gallery.

Diddy Vibes

Throughout the year Diddy has offered us daily motivation through a number of different avenues, but there are a few particular instances where he takes it over the top and utterly forces a smile upon your face due to his energy level. No matter if he is feeling himself in the morning on the way to work or absolutely crushing it on vacation in Italy, Diddy supplies the vibes and this portion of the gallery is dedicated to those infectious feels. Case and point, who else can hop in a Maybach head to toe in Bad Boy merch and a Du-rag and still be 'cute'? The answer is, Diddy.

This next one is just beyond mental. Diddy took a trip to the Almafi Coast in Italy this summer and his time there was nothing short of a movie. Not sure if it was the shot of Diddy on the Baby Grand Piano or the one of him riding the Jetski through the tunnel, either way this is quite possibly the most baller video these eyes have seen on Instagram in a while. Cue Diddy's trademark 'Black Excellence' bird call.

And by this point, if you were thinking that ole boy is too gassed up, check this throwback footage from his documentary Cant Stop Won't Stop of Diddy putting in work. We always see him dancing but many of us didn't know that he was in rehearsals working on his moves like that. Just a testament to his insane work ethic.

Last but certainly not least of the Diddy Vibes category is this unbelievable snapshot of the after-hours party at his home on the day of the Roc Nation Brunch. We see Chris Brown, Machine Gun Kelly, French Montana and Belly, throwing down some movies in celebration. This small snippet is an inspiration to one day be ballin' in fur coats surrounded by heavy hitters. 

Diddy Hype

Diddy's fearlessness to turn up anywhere on any subject ranging from his devout faith, to his looks, to the nature of his work ethic and motivation, is a major factor in why Diddy is such a household name. His motivational rants evoke an uncontrollable feeling to go get your life. To kick things off in this Diddy Hype section, here's a couple videos of a morning prayer to get your day started.

Diddy emits this natural level of turnt that is insidious. Even back in the day, he was pushing us to move forward and it's easy to heed his urges when he is as enthusiastic as he is in this throwback post.

And if there is one thing that Diddy's hype has taught us, it's the importance of hyping yourself up.

Diddy Messages

The last notch on the bill stems from Diddy's million dollar mouthpiece. When he opens his mouth, it would be beneficial for most to shut up and listen because even if it's the most trivial and concise statement, it came from Diddy so it's probably worth it's weight in gold. Here's the first message from Diddy himself and it's very simple, get the bag.

This one is for any and everybody that's out there grinding. Diddy supports you, how can you lose with that kind of backing?

Often when we hear DJ Khaled speak on 'Cloth Talk' it is met with either an assumption or a scrathced head. For all intents and purposes, this video shall now, and forever, be considered the trademark definition and example of 'Cloth Talk'. Be great ladies and gentlemen.

Take this one to the bank with you because its as real as it gets.

Finally, we will leave this one for you to digest and fuel your hustle. If you aren't as passionate, deranged or crazy about what you do as Diddy then you need to go back to the drawing board. It's this level of energy and tenacity you need to build a billion dollar empire, and who else taught you that than Diddy himself?