When A Kid Named Cudi first began making the rounds in late 2008, it seemed to appeal to people of all musical backgrounds, with Kid Cudi rapping over a decidedly wide variety of source material. There were instrumentals cribbed from backpacker favorites Outkast and J Dilla, but also ones from little-known electronic producers and Pacific Northwest indie rock bands, setting Cudi apart from his competition in the online rap world. He's always been an adventurous sampler, rapping over tracks by everyone from Snoop Dogg to Bob Dylan, but indie rock and pop have always seemed particularly close to his heart, especially since he formed the rock-minded duo WZRD.

Now, just over six years later, Cudi has notched his belt with tons of collaborations with indie artists, the most recent of them coming yesterday when he liberated a previously-unreleased song sampling instrumental duo Ratatat. With Man On The Moon 3 soon to follow, we're taking a look back at all of Cudi's work with indie artists, whether it's sampling their work or directly collaborating with them.