If you scroll through Iggy Azalea's Instagram feed you'll notice that all of her snaps only see her fronting a lil pout or almost no expression at all. If you scroll down even more, there's probably one photo of her smiling, so with her recent upload of her literally smiling wide, all of a sudden fans think something's different.

The 27-year-old "Fancy" rapper shared a photo of her laying in bed on Instagram with a lace bra looking the happiest we've seen her in a while. "the stuff that don't wear off 🌼," she captioned the photo. Her new found expression may be due to the fact that she's decided to hop off Twitter to finish her album in full. "ill be back in a few weeks when i have the artwork and dates for you because right now your supper killing my creative energy. love you tho. see you in a little bit. ill be on instagram. dont ruin that too. lol," she tweeted out last week.

We think nothing's changed at all and she's just enjoying the downtime to really get creative. Either way, if you're a true Iggy fan just know she's putting in time to give you new music soon. Peep the photo below.