Iggy Azalea’s second EP Surviving The Summer (STS) has been on fans’ minds for a while now, and most recently Iggy popped up on Twitter to provide more context into the process that she’s going through to get the project out once and for all.

“Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by how many little pieces I have to get sorted out before I can say music and visuals are done,” the rapper wrote in the first of a series of tweets. “There are alot of tiny pieces to put together and when you’re looking at it across the floor a mess it’s like FUCCCCKKKKKKK.”

She went on to add: “But I say all this to say I met up and spoke to an old friend/creative person I work with last night and we spoke for a long time about the themes and undertones of STS and actually – I’m on track. … It makes me happy when someone comes and listens to something and then writes down notes and all the words you write down about how it makes you feel are the same things I was thinking about when making it. YES. I feel very good today. Everything is on track no delays.”

Despite the positive outlook that Azalea showcased in her first few tweets, finding comfort that her EP is not as off-track as she felt it was when she found a second opinion, her good vibes didn’t last very long. There’s no clear indication as to what may have been said on the app. It is Twitter, after all. But, Iggy soon sounded off on individuals killing her vibe, and decided that she would return once she had deliverables in the form of artwork and a release date.

She did assure fans that she would still be on Instagram, but if they acted up on there too, she’d leave that platform as well.

Upon scrolling through her mentions, Iggy’s more than likely feeling the pressure from fans for new music. 2014 marked the last time the Australian artist dropped off any full-length project with Reclassified and her Quavo-assisted “Savior” single arrived earlier this year. So, a tad bit of restlessness is warranted.