Iggy Azalea made herself (mostly) scarce during the latter half of 2017, during which her music career as a whole seemed to be on life support. Following the resounding thud of audience enthusiasm that met her singles "Mo' Bounce" and "Switch," Iggy's forthcoming album was taken off the release schedule and the rapper found herself in a bitter back-and-forth with the powers that be at her label over the future of said music. However, with a new year comes a "new you" and, in Azalea's case, she's taking that to heart.

In a new video that she posted on her Instagram page, Iggy was shown showcasing eye-catching physical features. The first was her new hairstyle. Out with the blonde coloring that she'd sported for some time previously and in with a darker, almost magenta-hued pink. With her long hair pinned back, the pink strands of hair cascade down her shoulder effortlessly as she poses for the camera. Check out the full clip below.

The other physical feature would be her overall figure, which has never adhered more to the hourglass shape than it does now. It's a look that she's been trying to perfect for months now, chalking it up to a strict regimen of dieting and exercise. However, there are those on social media who continue to whisper about alleged surgeries that were used to get her waistline down to that miniscule a size. Haters, as they say, are gonna hate.

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