Iggy Azalea may have seen her new music go down in flames earlier in 2017, but that's not stopping her from working on other aspects of her life. Case in point: her new beach bod, which has been the subject of equal amounts of admiration and derision from social media users who caught a glimpse of her new Instagram pictures.

Sporting an impressive hourglass figure, Azalea wasn't shy about flaunting her tiny waistline that accentuates her best-known feminine assets both up top and below. It's a new look that might seem extreme to some, especially with the contours of her rib cage visible in certain spots. Some fans in the comments section have suggested that she obtained such a striking look with methods that go above and beyond diet and exercise, such as surgical enhancements or extreme dieting. However, even with the haters showing up here and there, as least as many social media users were heaping praise on Azalea, citing her dedication to whatever fitness routine she's been following as an approach they (mostly women) would love to try and emulate. Say what you will about how tiny might be too tiny, but that waistline is the envy of most people who are hoping for a last gasp of fun on the beach or by the pool.

New, flowing pink locks were also on the menu as part of her new look. In fact, the pink motif was strong with this one, wearing similarly-colored sunglasses and two-piece swim suit to match. Her makeup is bold too, with an eye-catching shade of red that slants a little to the side of rosé. If these new Instagram pictures weren't enough to get her fans drooling, she has more in store for them as well. According to The Daily Mail, the rapper shared a couple of topless photos via Snapchat, taken from the set of some sort of secret project. Is her new look too much or just right? Sound off below!