Iggy Azalea looks let to re-enter the conversation with her music, teasing a new single for release next week. With an album on the way as well, Iggy is doing all she can to grab people's attention, becoming more active on social media and diving back into the world of thirst traps. With her lingerie pictures still proving to be major attention-grabbers, the Aussie rapper is at the top of her game when it comes to her Instagram skills. Because of how much her image has changed since bursting onto the scene with "Fancy," her critics always poke fun at the way she looks, telling her that she appears older than she actually is. She reminded them all of her real age recently, shocking some and preaching to the others.

Kash Doll told her fans that she's often mistaken for being older than she actually is, noting that she sometimes hears fans say she's over 30-years-old. Obviously, the 21-year-old was a little frustrated to hear that. Iggy slid into her mentions, assuring her that it happens to everyone. "Girl don’t worry, I’m 28 pushing 40 online," replied Azalea. Iggy has admitted to having surgical procedures done to enhance her appearance, which has led many to believe that she has a more mature look than before.  

The rapper's new single "Sally Walker" will be out next week. Are you excited to hear the new track?