When she's not releasing new music, you can be sure to find Iggy Azalea getting her model skills to work by updating her social media regularly with photos of herself all over the house. She tries to make anything look sexy. In the past, she's eaten a slice of pizza in her lace lingerie, taken in the sun by the pool, and ridden rollercoasters with her boyfriend Playboi Carti. In her latest update, there's a whole lot of nothing going on but, since it's Iggy, nobody is thinking twice about it.

The Australian rapper took to her account to share some new photos of herself in the bedroom, laying on her bed and striking a pose. She rocked a silky robe that brought out the color of her sun-kissed skin. She looked straight into the camera, wowing audiences once again with such a banal update. Somehow, she remains on people's minds even in her offtime.

Azalea recently teased a few new musical projects that she's been working on. She's got a new album coming out in a few months and a single on the way before that. Hopefully, she re-establishes herself as one of the top forces in the industry, which is a position she's craved for so long.