We all remember when Marlon & Shawn Wayans powdered their faces and infiltrated a predominantly white upper crust community on strict orders from the FBI. The "white face" makeup, along with the bassy overtone of their voices, Marlon & Shawn walked away pop culture icons for the rest of time. You could argue that White Chicks become more appreciable once it became memefied. This type of phenomenology, or rather a 2nd rapture, is not exactly common in popular culture.

With that being said, Snoop Dogg first made the connection between the White Chicks' characters and their perceived resemblance to Iggy Azalea. It should be noted that Snoop Dogg was out there kicking tires because he felt Iggy was misrepresenting the culture, and not because she actually looks anything like the characters in the movie. Her response to Snoop Dogg in 2014 was "ima be the bigger man in this situation and leave it be."

However in 2018, and with a lesser challenger standing guard, Iggy Azalea spared her next victim much less mercy. An Instagram troll going by "xrxgx517" reignited the 4-year gag in the comment section of her Fashionova editorial. The troll posted the words "White Chicks part 2," which for some reason resonated more strongly this time around. Her response: "you look like you shared a room with French Montana and he sucked all the nutrients leaving you the genetic crumbs to cling to life with." 


Maybe Iggy does write her own rhymes after all.