If there's one thing that Iggy Azalea can do, it's twerk. She's more than a decent rapper as well but on social media, you could swear she was a model. The music video for "Kream" has officially been released with Tyga and as the Aussie lady survives the summer, she keeps on showing off her impressive body with her twerking skills. Ever since she came up on the scene, people have been going on and on about the size of Iggy's behind, rivaling Nicki and Kim. With "Kream" being almost exclusively a twerk showdown, Azalea decided to let her fans in on the choreography process as she practiced her moves and got them perfect.

With her backup dancers ready to go, the music started and Iggy got down, flaunting her sexy skills as the team got everything set. The Ronny J-produced song was previously teased on Iggy's socials as she swam in a tiny bathing suit. While she's wearing significantly more clothing in the behind-the-scenes footage, her outfit mixed with her moves are still pretty sultry, especially when she's twerking up a storm.

With Survive The Summer set for an August 3 release, there's very likely more in store where this came from. Her promotion has been almost solely by way of thirst traps and it seems to be working as her comeback effort was well-liked by HNHH readers, clocking in at a 79% approval rating. Are you looking out for her next project?