July 6th, the long awaited day when Iggy Azalea will drop her highly anticipated EP, Surviving The Summer, will soon be here. For this release, Iggy appears to be taking a different approach; dropping nude and lewd pictures on her Instagram for her fans and her thirst followers.

Now she's back at it again, though it seems that she's actually directly promoting some new music this time. On Saturday, Iggy posted an Instagram video, showing her taking a dip through a red-lit swimming pool filled with money. Iggy can be seen wearing a slim one piece bathing suit that leaves very little to the imagination.

Booty aside, however, the video also previews some new music. We only get a couple seconds to hear it, but in that time Mike Will Made It and Ronny J's recognizable producer tags can clearly be heard. This means that Iggy's recruited some pretty strong producers for her new EP.

To add a little more light to the video, Iggy went on Twitter today and posted a piece of artwork. Iggy can be seen lying back in the same money-filled red-lit pool that she took a swim in in the Instagram video. The photo has the word "Kream" written above it, which likely signifies the name of a new single.

The captions for both posts say the same thing: "JULY SIX," which is the same day the EP drops. Therefore, there's still some uncertainty if this is just single art, a music video, or a new name for the EP. We'll have to wait until that day to get our answers.