When most of you guys were probably sleeping at 2 AM this morning, Miss Iggy Azalea was wide awake in her kitchen twerking in heels, underwear and a cropped top. The 28-year-old "Fancy" rapper has added to her numerous collection of nude images, but this new one is different as it hears Iggy narrate her dance moves. 

"I should really be hired to narrate National Geographic," she captioned her video. "I'm available. I crack my own self up."

Just yesterday Iggy shared a couple statements about her nude photos, explaining how they help keep her in a creative space. "Say what you want about me posting pictures on instagram but honestly, it gives me something else creative i can focus on - when sometimes im in a dark place or i feel stagnant. Most days i want my project to drop, yesterday! but i dont get to make those choices."

She concluded her statement with: "Im really glad ive got something i can do without needing permission."