Her music may not be as popular as it once was but there is still very much a high demand for Iggy Azalea's social presence. The Australian rapper has found her name in gossip-y headlines that suggest she's expecting a baby with her boyfriend Playboi Carti but she's been finding subtle ways to drive the attention away from the potential "fake news" and onto what's real: her flat stomach and her tiny waist. Uploading another new photo to her Instagram account today, Azalea wanted to make sure that people stopped spreading lies about her rumored pregnancy.

John Sciulli/Getty Images

Posing outside in her sunglasses, a wide-brim sunhat, denim jumpsuit and a belt that hugs her waist tightly, Iggy Azalea manages yet again to turn heads in this one. Rolling up her sleeves for peak casual vibes, the commenters were impressed by how she could make such a regular outfit look so sexy, also remarking that she's very clearly not expecting a baby.

The shot is likely from a trip to Indonesia as the rapper included an emoji of the country's flag and wished everyone a good afternoon in the native language. The other day, Azalea posted a photo in her bikini, dropping jaws and nearly slipping out of the garment. Do you think she can experience a musical comeback in 2020?