Iggy Azalea has announced that she is no longer a signed artist, taking to Twitter to confirm the rumor that had been circulating for some time.

"I’m officially unsigned!!!!" she tweeted out. "Wild you spend so long trying to get IN a record deal... never thought I’d be so elated to be OUT of one. now I’m free to release whatever kinda music I like, whenever I’d like woooo!"

While she does note that she now has more musical control than ever, Iggy has put a stop to any hopes that fans had about new music, adding: "Well still no music this year tho.  "I am no where near ready direction wise etc with the stuff I’ve been working on and I don’t wanna jump the gun and have some messy era aesthetically. I’m aiming to be ready to share new music early next year!"

Iggy's first break came when she signed to T.I.'s Grand Hustle in 2012. She'd go on to join Def Jam in 2014, the same home where she debuted with The New Classic. After a spotty relationship where she felt her music was not getting as much attention as other on the lineup, Azalea moved onto Island Records this year and would drop her Survive The Summer EP, which hosts her "Kream" single with Tyga. All signs pointed to an effective comeback until the Australian emcee's tour was canceled back in October. 

In the end, the numbers just didn't add up and as some users note, including Forbes' Gary Suarez, Iggy's "unsigned" status may be much more appropriately labeled as her being dropped from the Island roster.

Nevertheless, Iggy Azalea is making it clear that she's excited about the fresh start. We'll just have to wait and see what this new direction produces come next year.