It's a shame that, despite Iggy Azalea's wishes to keep her son's life private, the paparazzi is still doing her dirty and snapping photos of her months-old baby, sharing them online.

It took Iggy Azalea a long time to open up to her fans and admit that she had given birth to Playboi Carti's child this year, noting that she wanted to keep her son's life private. She later revealed his name, Onyx, and posted an audio clip of him cooing

Still, she has not shared any pictures of Onyx to the world and, given her wish to keep him out of the limelight, she likely won't for a while. That didn't stop the paparazzi from violating her privacy as she walked through the LAX airport with her baby in a Fendi stroller.

The first pictures of Onyx's face have been shared by Daily Mail, who had a photographer sneak a picture of the toddler in his carrier, which is creepy as hell. 

Their baby is incredibly cute but it would have been nice for this to happen on Iggy and Carti's terms. Such is the life of a celebrity, I guess.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, Iggy joked that Onyx cried every time she played her music, sharing a video of him bursting into tears. She has been active on social media, creating a TikTok page where she has been taking control of her own narrative, joking about "falling off" and more.