Iggy Azalea has been on a tear of late. Most recently, the rapper found herself seizing ownership of her own masters and signing a new distribution deal with Empire Records. Money moves, to be sure. And while business acumen is all well and good, many have developed a pointed curiosity about Iggy's ongoing relationship status, which may or may not include the Die Lit mastermind himself, Playboi Carti.

Though the pair has never overtly confirmed their status as a "couple," they have certainly proven close, as evidenced by a variety of IG pictures and public spottings. In fact, even Carti's A$AP homies have taken to busting his balls over their potential union, which likely speaks to a relationship in its blossoming stages. Of course, it's entirely possible that Iggy and Carti are merely friends, and working together on a purely professional level. Yet human nature cannot be denied. The heart wants what it wants, and evidently, Carti and Iggy share two notable interests: Cash and Ass.

Today, Iggy took to Instagram to once again fuel the speculative fire. The rapper posted a picture of herself and Carti alongside a few heart emojis, though the inclusion of a parental advisory sticker seems to point to a musical release. In fact, the image would make a dope single cover, evocative of minimalist mixtape covers circa 98'. In any case, the partnership seems thriving, albeit in which capacity we have yet to fully understand. Should the pair indeed hop on the same track, who you think is dropping the superior verse?