Iggy Azalea has secured a big win. The rapper recently took to Twitter to announce her latest money move, which should indeed prove fruitful for her bank account. Though some, including recent enemy Bhad Bhabie, have questioned her "relevance" among other qualities, Iggy has officially done what all savvy artists likely aspire to do: own her masters. In fact, it might behoove the young Bhabie to learn from Iggy's example, and set her mind to one day securing her own masters. 

 Rachel Murray/Getty Images

"Proud to say I literally just signed my new deal/partnership!" writes Iggy. "2.7mil, can sign others, own my masters + 100% independent." Ownership of one's own music certainly bodes well in the streaming era, where an artist can amass thousands and thousands of dollars without lifting a finger. Plus, now that Iggy is essentially an independent artist, it's entirely possible that she'll finally put out the album she's been working on her a minute. 

Respect to Iggy Azalea for securing the bag. Regardless of how you feel about her, it's a big win for musicians in general whenever an artist takes control of their own masters. Keep an eye out for an upcoming announcement from Azalea, who will likely be celebrating her newfound love of streaming platforms all winter long.