Idris Elba heard all the disapproval toward his controversial Juneteenth T-shirt, and instead of defending himself for sporting the questionable garment, he deleted the post and used humour to put it in the past. On Juneteenth, Idris posted a photo on Twitter of his new drip in celebration of the historic Black holiday. However, his T-shirt rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way, as it seemed to be giving non-Black folks the green light to be culture vultures so long as they aren't out here killing Black folks. The T-shirt reads, "Take my art, culture, fashion, life, music, science," but only the word "life" is crossed out.

After the wave of backlash, Idris decided to delete the tweet and acknowledge that it was in poor taste by following it up with a new photo of a plain black T-shirt with the word "Deleted" edited onto it.

This post got tons of laughs and it seems like Idris really took into account why his T-shirt wasn't sending the best message. Check out some of the reactions below.