By now, everybody has formulated an opinion on Bill Maher's latest antics, in which the controversial comedian referred to himself as a house "n****r." Artists like Chance The Rapper have called for HBO to sack the "Real Time" host, while Killer Mike (who generally has a good rapport with Maher) said he would have punched Maher in the stomach and smoked a joint with him afterward.

Now, it would appear that Ice Cube wants to make his opinion known. Rather than dishing out a knee-jerk social media response, the NWA legend plans on discoursing man to man. TMZ reports that Cube has no intentions of cancelling his appearance on Bill's show, and wants to use the time to speak on Maher's use of the slur.

Cube was originally set to appear to promote the 25th anniversary of his Death Certificate album, but the discussion will almost certainly steer into uncharted and entertaining territory. Maher may very well be on the receiving end of the infamous Cube scowl, and there's no telling how he might take it.