Ice Cube was scheduled to perform a concert at a Del Mar, California racetrack shortly after a series of scheduled heats of thoroughbred horse racing, when shots started to ring off in the crowd. TMZ has learned that the shooting suspect arrived at will call to pick up some tickets for the event, when he was told there were none left.

An argument ensued which resulted in the angry patron firing several shots into the crowd. Officers were dispatched to quickly suss out the misunderstanding, where they became embroiled in gunfight. Luckily none of the spectators were injured, only the suspect who was then rushed to a nearby hospital. As of this writing, his condition is still unknown.

Remarkably officers were able to patch up the crime scene rather expediently, because Ice Cube's concert went according to plan. Audio of from gunfight was even recorded throughout the telecast of the event, with announcers breaking their play-by-play to respond in distress.

A local news outfit has reported suspect's three errant shots as misfires while he was being tasered by cops. TMZ has conferred with several other news agencies to confirm the trail of events leading to his hospitalization. The show must go on!