Music festivals are always full of surprises, but none were bigger than Hot 97 accidentally bringing the dead back to life at this year's Summer Jam festival. 

When UGK-alum Bun B took the stage at Summer Jam yesterday, the Hot 97 Twitter account send out a seemingly harmless message promoting his appearance. What they failed to realize at the time was that they confused the two members of UGK, replacing Bun B with the tragically deceased rapper and producer, Pimp C, who passed away in 2007.

They were instantly, and predictably, flamed online for their transgression, quickly deleting the post once they realized that they had made a mistake. However, the damage had already been done, and they were forced to issue an apology, asking forgiveness from Pimp C's friends and family. 

"We hold the legacy of Chad Lamont Butler aka Pimp C and UGK dear to our hearts & will work to keep his rich legacy alive in the future," the post read. 

It's a bad error to make, but having to act as the social media editor for Hot 97 during Summer Jam is probably hectic enough as it is. However, there are literally thousands of songs that pay respect to Pimp C in their lyrics, so it's difficult to understand how the mistake even happened. 

Bun B, on his part, seemed to take the mistake in stride. He grabbed a screenshot of the tweet and posted it on his Instagram, writing "Close @hot97 but no cigar...," before thanking everyone who helped make the event possible.