Libya is currently undergoing a modern day slave trade where migrants and refugees are being auctioned off for as little as $400. These tragic happenings have been taking place for some time as Libya is the main transit hub for those trying to reach Europe by sea, looking for a better life since NATO-backed forces overthrew ruler Col. Moammar Gadhafi in October of 2011.

A recent expose by CNN revealed that human auctions happen one to two times every month in Libya. In the video by the publication, secret cameras show the leaders of the auctions presenting "the merchandise" to potential bidders as they wear black ski masks to hide their identity. 

To think that slavery is still taking place in 2017 is not only a tragic thought but leaves many people puzzled on who is to blame since every shooting has people pointing fingers at the National Rifle Association and President Donald Trump. 

A recent article by USA Today, explains how Hillary Clinton is the political leader to blame for the current state of Libya. Back in 2003, President George W. Bush made a deal with Col. Moammar that the U.S. would not depose him if he gave up his weapons of mass destruction. More recently while Barack Obama was president, in an operation led by Hillary, the publication reports that the U.S. went ahead and displaced him anyway.

This overthrew the way of life in Libya where civil war and chaos became the norm and many attempted to migrate to Europe. Hillary, however, thought her efforts were a triumph where she said, "we came, we saw, he died" after Col. Moammar's life was ended. 

Hillary has had no fingers pointed at her since her so-called "successful strategy" is the reason why Libya has backtracked to a horrible time in history by selling Africans as slaves for farm work. 

Chris Brown and T.I. expressed how they are "truly disgusted" by the Libya slave trade, while many other artists and Twitter users have taken to the platform to call out Hillary and speak on the matter. Check out more Twitter reactions below.