Gucci Mane just dropped his new album The Return Of East Atlanta Santa, but he's still always thinking a few steps ahead. After stopping by the Breakfast Club earlier, Gucci also spoke to Complex, where he covered a few of the same topics, as well as some new ones. 

Early on, he spoke of the difference in approach he took with his new album, which found him freestyling a lot more, a return to his normal writing style after recording some rhymes he wrote in jail. 

"It was kind of rigid," he said of the recording of his first two post-prison albums. "When I write a rap and record it, I always feel like it sounds like I'm reading. When I go in the studio without a pad and pen and freestyle. To me it sounds better. I can just tell. I'm more comfortable with just going into the booth and just letting it come out, rather than trying structure it so neat."

After that, he was asked about the artists he'd like to work with in the future, who were surprisingly pop-leaning. "Rihanna, I like The Weeknd, I like Bruno Mars, Jay Z," he revealed.

Of course, the hot topic question was about Kanye's visit to Donald Trump, which Gucci didn't have too strong of an opinion on. "I just feel like with Kanye, he don’t need my approval or nobody else’s. so my opinion really ain’t going to matter. Everybody got an opinion—good or bad. Kanye don’t need nobody approval to live his life. If you don’t agree, then that’s cool you don’t agree. But that’s not going to stop him from doing what he do. He’s going to do whatever he’s going to do because that’s him.”

Watch the full interview below.