Ghostface Killah has certainly been one of the more consistent members of the Wu-Tang Clan. His output has been more in line with the classic sound of the Wu, while members such as RZA have moved away from the approach to a degree, experimenting with other styles. This change in style can be heard in the Wu's most recent album 8 Diagrams, which was greeted with mixed reactions due to its departure from the classic Wu production style. It seems that fans were not the only ones disappointed with the album, as Ghostface Killah himself has revealed he was displeased with the effort, laying the blame with RZA, and suggesting that the producer should take a step down from the leadership position on the next project.

“8 Diagrams, I couldn’t stand it ‘cause I know us, and then I know my man [RZA] even more,” said Ghost. “I’m like, ‘Yo, how could you give our fucking people that?’ Now you had people that said, ‘Oh no, I liked it.’ That might be the ‘yes men’ niggas. You know what I mean? Or it’s a miss or something ‘cause I know how we can be. These motherfuckers wanted the skits. They wanted to feel like they at home with us. They wanna feel like, ‘Y’all didn’t hear this in a long time. What y’all got now?’”

The Supreme Clientele rapper expressed that the Wu-Tang should stick with a sample-based production style, something that RZA decidedly rejected on 8 Diagrams. Ghostface respectfully suggested that Bobby Digital take a step back for the next record, allowing for Ghost to play a bigger role.

“I saw him give other niggas fly samples from Nas to Busta Rhymes. Busta Rhymes sent me some shit, I said, ‘Yo, where you get this from?’” he explained. “I went to RZA. I told him I wanted this box right here. He gave us some fly shit’…pay for the sample RZA. Pay for the sample. So what they gonna take this and things, but the people want that from us right now. Pay for the fucking sample. RZA’s my brotha for life. That’s my brother-in-law. I got babies by his fucking sister. But what I’m hearing, I’m not saying I’m the best, but I’m consistent about my shit. So what you gon’ roll with? The nigga that’s being consistent or – even though he taught me a lot of shit but it’s like is your shit still – the way y’all been making these cakes for the past 30 years. Entenmann’s. Are y’all still making those kind of cakes? Or Little Debbie’s is coming up blowin’. C’mon man, that’s not that crumb cake, nigga.”

Ghost concluded with the request, “Let me make a Wu-Tang album. Let me make one Wu-Tang album. Let me make one.”

Ghostface has also been busy making his own album, with 12 Reasons To Die dropping April 16th.