UpdateHipHopDX has reported that their source may not have been telling the complete truth. The publication has removed their previous article and stated that they have been made aware that there was a moment of silence for Bushwick Bill during the Geto Boys' performance. They stated that "the story was prematurely published" and said both Willie D and Scarface disputed claims of removing Bushwick from the show.


Prior to Bushwick Bill's death, the rapper's relationship with his fellow Geto Boys groupmates was a tense one. The legendary rap group planned on completing one final tour together after Bushwick Bill revealed that he had stage four pancreatic cancer. However, Bushwick backed out of the tour because, as his son says, his fellow group members were more concerned about making money than they were about raising funds for Bushwick's cancer treatments.

In June, Bushwick passed away, and just two weeks later, the Geto Boys booked their first show without their beloved member. They were set to perform at the Gathering of the Juggalos' 20th annual festival, and according to HipHopDX, it went down this week but the crowd was less than thrilled with their display. The outlet states that Willie D and Scarface were booked as Geto Boys, so it was assumed that the pair would pay tribute to Bushwick during their performance. However, that wasn't the case as they didn't even mention him during their set and even cut Bushwick's verse from "Mind Playing Tricks On Me."

The crowd reportedly booed the duo due to their omissions and a source said it was as if Bushwick never existed. “Basically they chose to completely omit all of Bill’s verses and the crowd definitely did not like that at all,” they shared. “They were booing them. They [Willie and Scarface] pretty much removed the presence of Bill. It was real strange. Not one word was said during the set. No mention of him. No moment of silence. No picture of him — nothing. Even the organizers of the event were completely shocked. They were under the impression there was gonna be something done.”

“The organizers specifically put Bushwick Bill’s face on the sleeve of the crew shirts for the entire event, so everybody knew there was compassion being given to Bill,” they continued. “That was their way of giving tribute, so they figured there was gonna be something done with the guys. But no, it completely evaporated to the extent they did ‘Mind Playing Tricks On Me’ and literally cut it off right at Bill’s verse and said, ‘Hey, this was the original version of the song. This is how it is.’ Then, they did a different version of it and the crowd was like, ‘What is going on right now?’ The next day, the organizers were completely baffled. They didn’t know that was gonna happen.”

Bushwick's son was asked to attend the event and was slated to say a few words about his father's legacy immediately following the Geto Boys set, but for some unknown reason, that didn't happen. “When we all got there, the guys were pretty adamant we weren’t present and weren’t going to be involved,” the source said. “We don’t know specifically what the words were, but security came over to us and were like, ‘Hey, they kinda don’t want you guys back here while they’re doing their thing so I guess we can’t do the tribute.’ That was the additional punch in the throat, stab in the heart.”

In an interview with Vlad TV, Willie D shared that he didn't plan on attending Bushwick's funeral because they didn't like each other.