Before Bushwick Bill passed away, the Geto Boys were planning on embarking on a farewell tour. Just weeks prior to the announcement of the tour, Bill shared with the public that he was battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer and he wanted to complete as many projects as possible in order to put away money for his children.

However, the evening before the tour was to kick off, Bill backed out of the tour, ultimately leading to its cancelation. TMZ reported that the tour was initially supposed to be a "Bushwick and Friends" tour, but the rapper said the promoters changed it to "Geto Boys" because Willie D and Scarface were involved. 

Although they were preparing to hit the road together, Willie D caught up with VladTV and said that he and Bill were at odds at the time of his groupmate's death. Vlad asked the rapper if he had planned on attending Bill's funeral. "No," Willie said. When asked if Scarface was going to make it, he stated: "I don't know." 

"See, when you have...when somebody have a funeral, man, it's like this," Willie continued. "I feel like it's disingenuous for somebody to come to your funeral who you don't like. Bill didn’t like me. I didn’t like Bill. That’s the truth. This ain’t no phony sh*t. I know that everybody wants to hear some politically correct sh*t and all that but that’s the truth, bro. The truth is the truth. I know that if Bill had his choice, Bill probably see me walking up there like, 'Get that motherf*cker outta here.' That's how I feel. The energy is not right, bro. And I don't need nobody looking upside my head and sh*t like I did something. Like I f*ckin' caused him to die or something. I don't think that I would be welcomed."