The legacy of the Geto Boys is undeniable, so when Bushwick Bill, real name Richard Stephen Shaw, succumbed to cancer last month, the hip hop world was saddened by his loss. Just prior to his death, Shaw spoke openly about wanting to secure his finances for his children by creating more music and writing a book. He even partnered with his Geto Boys groupmates for a tour, but Shaw backed out 24 hours prior to the kick-off.

Recently, Geto Boys member Willie D sat down with VladTV to share his insights into the Geto Boys and his time with Shaw, but not everyone appreciated what he had to say. Willie spoke openly about Shaw's reported battle substance abuse issues and shared how the two didn't like one another. Members of Shaw's family watched the interview and believed Willie was posthumously shading Shaw, so Shaw's son, Javon Boutte, decided to clear the air.

In an interview with the Murder Master Music Show, Javon said that respect and honor are important to his family, so he felt it necessary to speak up on behalf of his father. According to Javon, Shaw didn't end up going on his last tour because the other members of Geto Boys wanted to be paid, and that wasn't what the tour was about. There were also reports that the tour was supposed to be the "Bushwick Bill & Friends" tour but it kept being promoted as a "Geto Boys Tour."

"The reasons my dad didn't want to go on tour for first because of the name and second because of the pay," Javon stated. "They were trying to capitalize off his sickness and make money. The reason my dad wanted to go on tour was to do an 'F Cancer Tour' to help him with his cancer treatments because it was so serious. My dad is a hard-working man. He don't want donations he would rather go out on the road to earn money for his treatments. The other band members didn't want to do a free show to raise money to help him they wanted to make money when literally he is the one dying!"

Javon also said he felt as if Willie's VladTV interview painted a poor image of his father. "I saw those clips and I seen my dad give the last money out of his pocket to strangers," Javon shared. "I watched him do so many selfless acts. I went with my dad on the road to everywhere, we went to every hood in every state. He is a loving person." He went on to say that he believed Willie said certain things about Shaw because he was looking for attention. "With the solo albums from the Geto Boys everybody went platinum or gold except for Willie D. He never ever got plaques by himself, he never had his own identity. The only time he got plaques was with the Geto Boys. My dad, Scarface, Big Mike all went gold or platinum." 

"This worldwide group came up together and they are all as one. Why is one member bashing the other while he is not here?" Javon asked. "Even when my dad was here there was interviews of [Willie] bashing my dad and he didn't like that. It was always love with my dad."

Javon also said that it was Shaw who "put Willie D on" when he told J about both Willie D and Scarface. Listen to Javon's full interview below. You can also check out Willie D's VladTV interview clips here.