G Perico's been a fixture in Los Angeles' hip-hop scene for the better part of the last decade, if not longer. Perico's done everything as an independent artist, campaigning from a grassroots level to become an underrated hip-hop giant from the West. Today, he released his latest project, Ten Eight but that came along with a huge announcement for the L.A. artist. The rapper's new project was released from his newly inked partnership deal with Roc Nation.


The expansion of the Roc Nation empire expands with the release of Ten Eight. But for G Perico, the deal is deeper than just rap -- it's the principles and cultural impact surrounding Roc Nation that drew G Perico to ink a deal with Big Hov.

"Roc Nation is a big conglomerate, a fixture in the culture. It’s Black owned, Black created. It was created out of adversity. Nobody was fucking with JAY-Z, and they turned [Roc-A-Fella and eventually Roc Nation] into one of the strongest [entities] in rap music. I’m coming from a similar situation," he told Complex. "The conversations make sense, as opposed to me going to another label that’s only focused on the bottom line and doesn’t understand the impact that G Perico has in the streets."

Now, you might ask why he decided to go that route to sign with Roc Nation when he's been doing it on his own for the entirety of his career. The rapper explained that this deal made sense to him in the long term. Although the deal is currently a two deal project that will also include the release of his next project, Broadway which is produced by Terrace Martin.

"It’s more than just a deal or partnership. These are people I can see myself doing business with my entire career in some capacity, even if it’s not music," he added.

Peep his new project here.