Chicago rapper G Herbo will tell you that his road to becoming an international rap star hasn't been an easy one. While he has put in the work to build his fanbase and reputation, there were off-chance opportunities that helped propel his career forward. Before he was known as "G Herbo," the rapper went by "Lil Herb." It was then, back in 2014, that Herbo said that when his manager told him Safaree Samuels called because Nicki Minaj wanted him on a track, he refused to believe it was real. Additionally, he thought Safaree was Nicki's assistant.

G Herbo, Nicki Minaj, Chiraq
Bryan Bedder / Stringer / Getty Images

"It was actually them, so I ended up flying out [to L.A.," G Herbo recalled with HipHopDX. This is a tale that Herbo has shared over the years, but he retold it once again. "It was crazy man because it was like, I'm really here. Nicki Minaj studio. I met her. It was the best studio I ever been in, of course, I'm used to recording in closets and sh*t like that. It was just crazy. I had to just try to stay focused on what I had to do and that was just rap. That was my main focus, just trying to deliver on the verse."

The rapper admitted that he's more of a reserved, quiet person, so he wasn't "really saying much" during the in-person session. Herbo said their 2014 collaboration, "Chiraq," was the launching pad his career needed. "I started to do shows after that," he said. "That was a big turning point in my career." Of course, the Barbz we hot on his tail, too. Check out what else G Herbo had to say about Lil Bibby, Common, No I.D., and more below.