There is a lot of change and movement going on in G Herbo's life and he's trying to keep himself grounded. The rapper is currently battling charges related to fraud after he and his reported associates stand accused of making illegal purchases with stolen goods. Herbo has denied the allegations against him and while prosecutors attempt to build a case, the rapper and his pregnant fiancée, Taina Williams, are moving forward and breaking ground on their new home.

Taina shared a first-look at her new digs on her Instagram where she shared a Boomerang of the home being built. It seems that the first floor is complete, and while he didn't give any other details of what's expected to be a massive residence, Taina is excited about the outcome. Meanwhile, Herbo took to social media to speak about ignoring the negativity he receives online.

"We live in a world and time where people get torn down for their accomplishments," the rapper said. "Me personally, I feel like, when you see somebody comment or say something negative about a person or what they're doing or where they are in life, it just tells you what kinda person that is that's commenting or saying the negative thing about somebody."

Herbo added that no one in life has it all figured out. Check out both clips below.