It's only been two and a half months into the year, but Future has already made a welcome impression. The prolific rapper's The WIZRD stands among 2019's strongest offerings, and many have wondered whether Future is poised to repeat his 2017 release pattern. After all, Future has already expressed interest in making another HNDRXX project, prompting fans to chime in with words of unanimous encouragement. 

Today, Future has once again kicked off a bit of HNDRXX 2 speculation, thanks to a cryptic Instagram post. Well, to be fair, it's straightforward in a sense, but cryptic if you choose to look beyond the surface. And we do. "Hndrxx a masterpiece," writes Future, standing triumphant in a mysterious picture. While it's entirely possible that Future is simply reflecting on one of his personal favorite self-creations, it's equally possible that he's gauging public interest toward the previously-hyped sequel.

Consider a report from Onsmash, in which a source claimed Future was already set to release HNDRXX 2 in March, though opted against it to allow Gunna's Drip Or Drown 2 some breathing room. Of course, such rumors should always be taken well-salted, but what are we if not dreamers? What say you? Is HNDRXX a masterpiece worth revisiting?