Last night (Sept. 18), Drake decided to stop with the subliminal hints and told the Atlanta audience at Midtown Music Festival that he and Future will indeed be dropping a joint tape, confirming rumors that had been driving the hip-hop world crazy for over a week. He also told the crowd, "Sunday we're making a motherfucking movie," hinting that the project might arrive tomorrow, September 19. 

Today, both artists have confirmed that a collaborative mixtape (or album?) called What a Time to Be Alive will be released tomorrow at 8 PM EST on iTunes. They also confirmed that, at 6 PM, there will be a special FBG x OVO edition of OVO Sound Radio, which will include mixes from DJ Esco and Metro Boomin. Expect to hear some of What a Time to Be Alive during the exclusive broadcast. 

Since their initial announcements, Future has since posted two video clips on Instagram that give fans some insight into the upcoming release. The first shows Drake, Future, and their associates in a fancy private room, enjoying some fine dining and sharing a few good laughs. At the beginning of the clip, both rappers look up to the ceiling and Future goes into prayer mode. A nice instrumental plays throughout the clip. 

Future also captioned his post by writing, "6pm est," further suggesting that What a Time to Be Alive will be played immediately as Freebandz OVO Sound Radio begins tomorrow evening.  

The second clip begins with a video montage while a recording of a studio conversation between Drake and Future plays in the background. Here's the transcript: 

Future: Damn. We never, ever thought this would happen. 

Drake: Yes, that's the best part. 

Future: This shit shouldn't have never happened. 

[heavy cackling from Drake]

Future: Who let it happen? There's so many questions after history's getting made. Like, you can ask other n*ggas, like, "N*gga, who let this shit happen'?"

Personally, I'm blaming y'all fam.