Future spoke with Zane Lowe, Saturday, about working with Young Thug, Future, and his new album, High Off Life, for Apple Music's Beats 1.

Future, Travis Scott, Young ThugParas Griffin / Getty Images

"That's my twin," Future says about Thug during the interview. "There's me and then there's him. ... When you mention Thug you mention me. It's like one."

Young Thug is featured on "Harlem Shake" off of Future's new album.

Also featured on the album for "Solitaires," is Travis Scott. Future says about the song, "It’s just expensive. It’s just being expensive, like having expensive taste. Artistically, Travis, he’s on another level when it comes to being artistic and everything. Like, his whole vision, being engaged, the artwork, and just the core craft. He knows what he’s doing."

Future also alludes to an upcoming project with Netflix: "Right now, I got my book I'm working on. My movie I'm working on. They're going to able to find it on Netflix." 

"At the end of the day, I get my inspiration from the people," he conludes. "The people that have an influence. The people who understand it. The people who done studied it. ... I keep you on your toes. So, whatever you're expecting I got to go beyond your expectations."