Internet sleuths may have tried to figure out who exactly French Montana was getting close to during this quarantine, but the rapper made it clear that he isn't in a relationship. The "That's a Fact" rapper has decided to spend some quarantine time in Miami, so it was only fitting that he chatted with Supa Cindy from 99 Jamz. The pair discussed French Montana's latest single and the accompanying music video, but after exchanging 4/20 salutations, he also revealed that he's sober.

French Montana Sober
Mike Coppola / Staff / Getty Images

"Today makes the fifth month I been sober," he said. "I stopped drinking. I stopped smoking. I stopped everything. So, today I've officially been sober for five months. I want to see how far I can go." French also explained that the previous health scare he experienced was a result of food poisoning he had after taking a trip to Africa. "Besides that, I think I was turning up for too long," he explained. "I been in the game since probably 2002... I feel like I been going hard ever since then and I feel like it's a new chapter of my life and I cannot make $100 million drunk or high."

Elsewhere, French Montana spoke about his beef with 50 Cent and said that he's trying to get Fif to hop on a record. "There is no beef," he added. "I just feel like, it's hip hop. It's just competition. I never looked at it like, beef. Nobody got hurt... It' like watching boxing or watching wrestling. People want to see each other go at it. It's competition. It's hip hop." Watch his interview in full below.