French Montana and Jim Jones have officially left all their beef in the past after an amicable Instagram live session on Thursday, which saw the two long-time foes make up after fifteen years. French posted a clip from the live stream, writing in the caption that it was a "big moment for hip hop." In the clip, Jim recalls an instance at an MTV award show years ago in which French snuck into the venue all by himself and proceeded to flip him off. Jim was heated, but Juelz Santana tried to diffuse the situation by telling Jim to just leave French alone. Although, at the time, it sounded like it was pretty tense, Jim and French can laugh about it these days. "15 years of beefing ended with laughs and war stories," French said on the post. "Shout out to Jim Jones."

Later on during their live chat, French and Jim urged younger artists not to make the same mistakes they did by letting some meaningless feud last for so many years. "If there's anybody out there watching from the young n*ggas, man, learn from this," French told his viewers. "Don't waste 15 years in the game when y'all could have been getting all kinds of bags together." Jim was on the same page, pointing out how crazy it is that some people are caught up in beef right now considering the circumstances. "There's a lot of foolish beefs and foolish shootings and there's a lot going on right now with everybody cooped up in the house," he said. Catch a good chunk of their conversation below: