FreewayRick Ross has an incredible story. In fact, his story is so amazing that he believes that Snowfall, the FX series that everybody has been talking about, is based on himself.

During his latest interview with Shirley Ju on Shirley's Temple, the legend spoke about how Snowfall allegedly stole his life story and made it into a mainstream TV show.

"They stole my life story, that's my life story," said FreewayRick Ross about Snowfall. "They stole my story, yeah. It's a fact. John Singleton and I was supposed to be working on a movie and the movie is [still] finna come out. We finna start casting for the movie right now."

Later on in the interview, he explained further. "It's so much to it. It's my story and they're benefitting off it," he said. "I'm not benefitting."

Freeway detailed his story in his new autobiography, titled The 21 Keys of Success, which he went on to discuss.

Earlier on, Freeway spoke about his decade-long beef with the rapper Rick Ross, who he previously said has made a "mockery" of his name. According to him, he believes that Rozay avoids any contact with him. 

"I think he avoids me. He avoids me," said Freeway. "A couple of times, I went to places that he was supposed to be and he disappeared. He was nowhere to be found. I reached out to him too, I tried to make amends. I told him that if we worked together, we probably could help more people. But then he went on The Breakfast Club and dissed me. I really was more disappointed with The Breakfast Club because they didn't invite me on to refute what he said about me."

Watch the interview below and skip ahead to the 7:33 mark for the Rick Ross conversation, the 22:52 point for the Snowfall talk, and 32:37 for a continuation of the Snowfall accusations.