The case of Rick Ross vs. Rick Ross is soon to be underway. The real Rick Ross, an actual drug dealer kingpin, has been seeking justice against the rapper Rick Ross, who he says has illegaly profited off his name and reputation.

The lawsuit was originally thrown out in 2010, because of Ross' criminal record, but has since been reopened in California, and there is now a trial date set for May in L.A.

AOL's The BoomBox spoke to "Freeway" Rick Ross about the rapper that is using his name, whom he calls a "big clown," and a "complete idiot." Read what was said below.

On The Trial & Rick Ross:

"We've been doing depositions everyday for the last month, just about. I heard some really interesting testimony, probably the most interesting was the rapper, he showed me how big a clown he is. I had a little respect for him, but after I saw his deposition, I have zero respect for him now. I think he's a complete idiot. It's a disgrace for me to have someone like this with my name. He doesn't know what the name stands for, or how I got my name. He thinks that this name belongs to some big mafia guy who don't care about nothing but himself and really, he's just a pig."

On Rappers Associating With Rick Ross:

"Well, most of them are just like he is. That's why they can go and cut up a $400,000 car and we got kids in the streets that's hungry. I couldn't live like that. I sold drugs because I thought that was my only option. I know what it's like not to have food in the refrigerator. These guys come from good backgrounds, they're lying that they were illiterate. You can go check my school record, I was illiterate. I'm not bragging about that though, but that's what it really is. To have somebody who went to college and whose moms had a good job then turn around and claim poverty and illiteracy, it's totally ludicrous."

On Rappers Claiming To Be Harder Than They Are:

"All the stuff that they rap about is like, "I'm going to take your girl." Can you imagine, a guy coming up to me and telling me he's going to take my girl? And then, if my girl went with him, how would I feel about her? These guys rap like that and people still support them. They're not rapping about "What's going on, brother?" "Keep on pushing." Their message and my message are totally different. When I sold drugs, even when I sold drugs, I told people not to use them. I knew that when I sold drugs I was taking a life and death chance."