It feels like only yesterday that Freddie Gibbs was sharing some of the wildest and often degeneracy-fueled antics on his Instagram page, making his stories some of the most entertaining on any given day. Unfortunately, his reign as the IG king came to an unceremonious end after he was hit with the blunt end of the ban-hammer, a fate suffered in only the most extreme cases. Now, Gibbs has connected with a socially-distanced Desus and Mero to share his side of the story, and as expected -- laughter ensues.

Freddie Gibbs

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

"Look, they kicked me off the muthafuckin Gram," laments the lyricist. "They said I'm an excessive bully, they said I put too much nudity and sexual behavior, but really they say I'm bullying n***as, that's what I get flagged for everyday. So I'm like, who the fuck am I bullying?" When Desus inquires as to who his most recent victim might be, Gibbs draws a blank. "I don't know. Those videos I be posting, I think the real people be writing letters to Instagram like 'Freddie Gibbs called me a bitch. Freddie Gibbs said I was fat in that goddamn video.'" 

"I do be talking shit in the Fleets," maintains Gibbs, taking solace in the alternative option. "I think LL Cool J got my Instagram taken down cause I was talking shit about him. I was just making jokes, I love LL!" When Mero claims that LL is simply a serious dude, Freddie Gibbs isn't having it. "Yo LL, your old ass better not take shit too serious with me. Don't play. Take these muthafuckin jokes! Or set up the box like Jake Paul in this muthafucka!'"

Alas, the Gangsta Gibbs reign of terror has come to an end -- but that doesn't mean he's about to sulk about it. In fact, he recently dropped off a new single with ScHoolboy Q in "Gang Signs," which you can check out right here.