Real recognize real holds true as a worthwhile life philosophy, and often times, it manifests nicely in the rap game (and fields adjacent). Case in point, the reclusive Frank Ocean has recently taken an interest in SZA's acclaimed hit single, "The Weekend." Though it's been a minute since fans received a full-fledged effort from Frank, it would appear he has been spending his creativity tokens selectively, putting in work on an intimate cover of SZA's track. The former Odd Future vocalist recently took to Instagram to showcase a preview of the new cover, accompanied by a lovely sunset component. 

True, there are some who might prefer that Frank sticks to penning original material, though a more appreciative soul might allow him room to follow his creative whims as he sees fit. As it stands, Frank's cover appears to be a faithful rendition of the original. While we have yet to receive word on if-and-when a studio version will be made available,  you can catch the preview above, or via Franks IG page here. Perhaps, if we're lucky, a SZA and Frank Ocean collaboration can become a 2019 reality.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images