After her first single "Beef Flo Mix" went viral on TikTok for its clever rework of Playboi Carti's and Ethereal's 2015 song "Beef," Flo Milli has been enjoying a heightened media presence. The Alabama native dropped her latest single from RCA titled "Roaring 20s" to resoundingly positive reviews, with fans and publications alike buzzing about what's next in store for the newcomer's next era. Obviously recognizing her increasing success, the 21-year-old rapper crowned herself the "Princess of Rap," igniting debates on social media about who the title actually belongs to. 

The "In the Party" rapper tweeted on Friday afternoon the words, "Princess of Rap," with three crown emojis and a queen emoji. The tweet, which is at around 1.2k retweets and 1.3k quote-retweets, sparked a hot debate on if what Flo Milli had tweeted was actually the case.

One participant wrote, "Now wait a Minute sweetie you're doing great but..." adding an exaggerated ellipse. Another added, "Love you, but maybe a courtier of rap or a duchess of rap if you will....princess requires staying power." Spotify's official account jumped in to co-sign Flo Milli's declaration, simply writing "True." 

Others added that the title actually belongs to Doja Cat, who has had a very successful run in the past year and a half, collaborating with everyone from Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Megan thee Stallion, and Lil Wayne

Check out some more tweets from the debate below and let us know where you stand.