Drake teased fans with Certified Lover Boy news this weekend, posting a photo of his son Adonis standing in the studio with some whiteboard artwork, which seemingly started as a tracklist for the album. Drake's baby boy proudly stood behind his work-in-progress, smiling and showing off the abstract design but fans in the comments started to tease the three-year-old's creative skills in a pretty deplorable fashion.

A viral post comparing the toddler's art piece to seven-year-old North West's recent painting has been circulating with people comparing the skills of Drake and Kanye's children. The strange and shameful posts were so popular that "Adonis" started trending this weekend as fans picked on a three-year-old's art skills. If there's one thing we've learned from this, it's that there was an obvious reason why Drake didn't want to share his family with the world-- to prevent situations like this one.

"This the exact kinda shit drake wanted to keep adonis away from," wrote one person on Twitter, responding to the viral thread comparing Adonis to North West. You'll recall that Drake didn't reveal to his fans that he was a first-time father until months after his son was born. He was pushed by Pusha-T to drop the bombshell after the rapper called him out in a diss record.

As Drake said on "Emotionless," he wasn't hiding his kid from the world, he was hiding the world from his kid. The internet can be an ugly place. Check out some reactions below.